Form 2 consumables rant

I’ve been waiting for availability of the LT Tank here in Europe for almost one year, and the date is constantly shifted forth.
I have ordered my “Durable” resin cartridge a month ago, and I am being told it is still out of stock.
The much advertized “Rigid” and “Grey Pro” still have a three weeks lead time…

What the heck is going on at Formlabs ?

Are you on short supply of that ultra-rare material that has to be produced in Zero-G, using Dodo pancreas extract ?
Or do you just suck at managing a supply chain ?


Local suppliers in the UK have them, maybe you should try a supplier in your own country.

There’s a shortage of unobtainium. :wink:

Australia here. We had to wait a little while for our 2 LT tanks from our local distributor, but have had them for about a month now. I would think you could surely get them in Europe. We’ve been able to get 2 cartridges of durable with no wait.
As billb mentioned, see if there’s a distributor near you.

Hi folks,

Believe it or not, I was unaware that Formlabs consumables could be obtained otherwise than through the official Formlabs store.
I will make sure to order from sources who have the items in stock.
Yet, I find it disturbing to see so many availability problems on the Formlabs store.
It’s like if you came over at McDonald’s and they told you that they are out of Fries…

Don’t raise your expectations with 3rd party suppliers : while they may have some items stock, I have found that they are also dependent on Formlabs’ supply. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a supplier which will still have some items in stock that Formlabs doesn’t at the moment you need it… sometimes they have it in stock but it’s a older resin version… sometimes they say it’s in stock and upon ordering they tell you the lead-time is 4 weeks and blame it on Formlabs.

For us, the Swiss suppliers make us pay about the same price for inland shipping as Formlabs does so we prefer to order from Formlabs directly unless we have an emergency… if the supplier is out of stock, then Formlabs usually is as well, and you’ll be served at the same time as they are if you order from the official store.