Form 3 tank shortage

Formlabs, are we ever going to have a new printer release with consumables such as tanks being readily available? I’m UK based and have owned a form 1, 2 and now the 3. With both the form 2 and 3 I bought early and tanks were like ducks teeth to get a hold of for the first six months of ownership. I’m still waiting on my UK supplier getting a bunch to me nearly a month on from ordering them.

This is getting tiresome with each iteration.

I found some at an authorized reseller, Have you checked (they are backordered from form themselves, but the reseller had them in stock)

yup. All the resellers I could find that I’ve worked with in the past in the UK don’t have them in stock. But I shouldn’t have to spend my time running around to find them. They are a known consumable and you could make educated guesses as to how many will be required. It’s also not as if you aren’t going to be able to sell them if you over order from the manufacturers.

Bummer. I was also backordered (and unlike you who is across the pond, I can actually see Formlabs from my office out the window). No idea if they ship in the UK, but has them in stock…

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Maybe this is a Good Thing™

Could it be that Formlabs have stopped making the Mk1 trays that could leak some resins and are ramping up production of the Mk2 which will allow any resin to be used?

How often are the tanks rupturing? I’ve seen mention of this once so far… I have a tank running that has a trouble spot but doesn’t seem to be leaking just having some issues printing in one spot.

I have 6 tanks and they were pretty easy to get from my local distributor here, so you might be able to grab some from other distributors outside of your location.

I also own 6 Form 3 tanks. They arrived less than a week after ordering, direct from FormLabs (MA). And I live on the other side of North America.

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