Form 2 and Form 3

Hi all-
I run my forms pretty hard and basically into the ground.
I am admittedly, not on top of all my maintenance so when I say I run them into the ground, its my own fault.

I wanna get the 4 since those faster print times will make my life much easier.

I have a form 2 and a form 3 that will just sit around, once i upgrade; they both are buggy from my own negligence.
I think they can be brought up to speed with a little love, or parted out if that’s what you wanted to do with them.

If anyone wants them, make me an offer; i don’t care if it seems low literally anything would make me happy. OR I’d even trade for some resin. they just won’t do me an ounce of good sitting around. whoever calls dibs first get em.
I’m in Frederick County MD USA and one or both can be yours.
On account of them being big and heavy I’d obviously prefer to not ship them.

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