Anyone want to buy a form3 printer with issues? Or possibly the replacement printer I could get?

Hey all, I’m selling my form3 printer for $1000 if anyone is interested. It’s pushing into the tray and causing indents in the plastic. This is risky because if the plastic gets pushed too thin it could leak resin into the unit. It’s just outside of warranty so I’d have to pay $1300 for a replacement. As a side note- if anyone wants to pay $2300 for a working form3 I would be able to get that as well. Send me a direct message if interested. I have v2 build trays and some resin I could give along with it.

Hey there, if it’s a Form 3 are they not servicing it under warranty? Or perchance did you mean to type Form 2?

I guess it’s no longer under warranty

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