Form 1 Startup Operation Sound/Noise

Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone starting their Form 1 for the first time and every time hears a LOUD metal THUNK sound?  So far I’ve only turned ON the Form 1 twice.  The first time, I pressed the button, the platform was in the middle of the maximum z height and after a THUNK, it raised to the top.  It looked like it was calibrating.  For whatever reason, I pressed the button and turned it OFF.  I guess I was familiarizing myself with the operations so I pressed it again to turn ON.  The calibration process started and again, a LOUD THUNK and everything seems to be normal with the “Ready to print”.  Is this normal?  I’m guessing the metal base amplifies the sound but for a second or two, I thought I needed to remove something that was part of shipping that held the innards in place.

Thanks in advance,