Form 1+ interacting through python

i installed dependencies (pip install -r requirements.txt ) through cmd and i want to use this code:

but i cant even communicate with the printer. When i hit :

from OpenFL import Printer, FLP
I get this error : No backend device available .

Any suggestions?

I played around with this a lot to try to make PCBs, gave up because of the light scatter gave very poor tracks.
In doing so, I encounter all sorts of problems, including this one.
Try unplugging the USB, wait a few seconds and reconnect. The “backend device” is the USB interface.
I hope you are doing this in Linux, I didn’t even try under Windows since libusb will cause problems there.

Any error, crash or other unexpected result, re-plug the USB, it never cleanly sorts itself out otherwise. I wasted a lot of time before I realised this!

I am using windows and now i tried to use a virtual machine with ubuntu 17.10 . I installed dependencies (pip install -r requirements.txt ) and then i used these codes through python :

from OpenFL import Printer, FLP

and i get this error:

What is wrong?

Try searching for the error message!

Briefly, you’ll need to set up a udev rule. The Google search should point you to more information.

well i used sudo commands prior to opening python and its ok now. I am connected to the printer but i cant read FLP files from it. The only command that works on the printer is : p.initialize() that reset the printer

When i try to run this python script

I get this error:

I realised that i am able to call every function that is located in the ( like p.initialize() ) but i cant call functions from the . I tried to use p.read_block_flp() and i got this error :