Form 1+ Amber Lid

Does anyone have a broken printer that has a lid in good shape with no cracks? Mine has developed a few cracks and I would like to replace it but formlabs doesn’t carry the lid anymore.

If there are just cracks you can toss some clear packing tape over it. If there are any breaks you can try to find some acrylic adhesive. Look for the stuff used to assemble acrylic awards.

If it needs to be entirely replaced you can go to AiExpress and look up Form1 parts. Company called Fundo has compatible parts for Form1 (+) printers so contacting them they may have a lid available. I have never dealt with them and assume the shipping will be painfully slow coming from China.

I sent them a message and they do have the part. Waiting on a quote.

They have decided they won’t ship it to me. So I’m back on the search for one.

Odd if they have the part why wouldn’t they ship it?
Mine has tiny cracks along the sides but don’t seem to be doing any harm. if they get bigger ill dig out the packing tape.

I taped mine up as well now. Doesn’t look the best but it will have to do unfortunately.

The clear packing tape does help, should help it from continuing to crack. I tape the outsides of my tanks before I use them. It has saved me big time on one tank that split. Kept it from falling apart and leaking into the machine.

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