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Rather than chase after Formlabs to make compatible resins and cartridges would anyone be interested in an open control board to swap out with what comes in a Form2? It would be all open mode for any resin, operate the wiper and work with any of the cartridges?

We posted some images of a converted Nobel1 on this thread a few months ago to use the laser and galvos or replace them with a DLP projector.

Any interest?

#504 new link to the pic.
Llnuxcnc with some low cost stepper drivers and a Mesa 7i77 for the analog to the galvo amp.


Brother, I have so much interest I can’t contain myself. Please let me know the progress of this, and how to purchase!!


No, not really. Otherwise I could buy a cheap chinese machine and work from there.

Formlabs has done excellent development on their software, GUI, touchscreen and hardware. I have yet to see alternative software that works as well as formlabs’s does.


Wait, for a sec, don’t be so rash. IF, and that’s a big IF, they can come up with and open controller board, that simply mimics a Form2 controller board, and has all the same features, uses the Preform Software, but doesn’t lock you into the sensors, then I’d be interested.

If on the other hand, this will turn a Form 2 into cheap DLP printer that relies on open software like Cura or whatever, then no. The reason why we paid the extra money is the software. It’s the Preform software ease of use and flexibility that makes the FormLabs printers unique, no the hardware.

Imagine being able to put a tank in, not worry about silly errors like is the tank the correct tank is it in or not, then have a generic cartridge dispenser that you can simply tell it what resin you have based on profiles YOU can create, enable or disable the heater or wiper as you want/need? Now that would be nice.

But wait… Do we really need a piece of hardware to do that? NO, it could easily be done if FormLabs chose to open up the software, and make public the information on their profiles, which would allow 3rd party vendors to create optimized resins.

But then again, that’s not in FormLabs financial interest is it? Competition is an ugly word in their vocabulary.


Well said.

@BPolymers To me, it sounded like you proposing a different board that could be hot-swapped in the Form2, and ALL of the existing functions would be still readily available, including PreForm software interfacing.

Is that correct, or were you implying that once the board was swapped, we would have to use a whole new toolset to operate it again?


I could make a board to go either way. The pics posted earlier were a conversion of a similar printer to all open source hardware and software keeping the laser and galvos. I don’t understand the attraction to the Formlabs software but then again I’ve been designing machines and printers for several decades.

I have never had any Formlabs printers. Since most people seem to like the way the software and UI works maybe just modding them is best. I saw the earlier attempt at making a cartridge resetter and the block by Formlabs with a firmware update. Do they not allow you to go back to earlier versions of firmware or only forward? That might be a good first mod. Then maybe something to get around it detecting the type of resin. Then you could refill cartridges with whatever you wish and it would run in closed mode with the wiper.


I’ve do a fair bit of research in this thing and it’s just not possible to copy every feature in your own open controller and make it work with the software. The IF is very, very big. Sorry…
For example… you can easily trick the machine in sensing it’s tray is always full of resin so it will never dispense from the cartridge. But then you have to do this manually which is annoying.

Easier said than done. Have you actually played with a form2? Did some initial research? I did. It’s a completely different world compared to the Form 1. You can’t simply make your own hardware and replace the original board and expect the software to work with it.

The reset tool works if you stay with an older version of the firmware. Yes you can downgrade. The firmware is not available from formlabs but I kept a copy. However, resin settings are stored in the firmware so if a new revision of resin comes out, you can’t use it.

As said before, I’m very close in finalizing modded cartridges that work with any type of 3rd party resin and allows you to change the resin type on the fly; In closed mode.

A lot of people have contacted me already and I have not been able to come back to everyone yet. Please give me some time to finalize the work and I’ll contact you as soon as it is ready.


The most effective way to reduce the headaches here is to work within the Formlabs system. There are ways to get the wiper and heater without ever wearing out a cartridge. You just have to think outside the box a little.


cryptic, yet interesting… care to explain a little further?




Formlabs wants to protect their business model and fantasy2 wants to protect his resetter.

How easy or hard depends on who is doing it. Apparently it would be very difficult for you. Why do you assume that everyone has the same limited amount of skill and experience as you?


@BPolymers, @fantasy2

You guys are both extremely gifted and talented, and have a higher degree of skill than basically everyone else in regards to the hardware mods. We have seen @fantasy2’s resetter device, and have verified it’s functionality, @BPolymers is there any chance you could show a sort of proof-of-concept so we can all agree that you know what your talking about? I just don’t want to see this turn into a pissing match, we are on the same team! :slight_smile:


I’m just exploring possibilities and seeing if there’s more than a few interested in anything related to these printers. So far there isn’t.


For what it is worth, I truly appreciate you even making an account and being visible on this forum. Any input at all from someone in your position should be respected. Not very many resin manufacturer’s do that, and I’m sure all of us are grateful for your time.



Nice, I guess someone won at the insult game! :slight_smile:

I have little interest in protecting my “business”. The people who bought from me know I sell the reset devices really cheap and would in no way reflect the amount of time behind it. I’m just another customer finding a solution and sharing it with others(and I’ll let my employer know that I suck at decrypting encrypted firmware and have no hardware knowledge!). Please just buy a machine first and dive into it before making any claims.

Anyway, now that we’ve learned my skills are very limited and yours are awesome, please help us all and develop a replacement board that works with the current software. I’d be happy to buy one. Again, this is no simple chinese machine and formlabs put quite a bit of engineering effort in it to make it work and protect their work.


Alright! I’m about to start a print with the first hacked printer that works with wiper and heater and 3rd party resin with the latest firmware! For now it seems this can’t be stopped with new firmware releases but the FL guys are good so let’s hope I’m right. :smiley:

What I do need is empty cartridges, all types are OK but I’m mostly interested in the standard resins. I will promise that when I get this nicely polished, I’ll return you this solution with a 25% discount. Please keep in mind that I’m based in europe(shipping outside of europe can be somewhat expensive).

I’m not going to share details by the way, you know why. :wink:


Ha! Love your work. It’s really too bad we don’t have control over an item we pay for to do with as we please without FL sticking their nose in it and shutting it down.


Things seem to be done! I tested it with 3 resin types so far and works like a charm.
First devices will be shipped next week to beta testers. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in this reset device and has not contacted me before, please send me an email and I’ll inform you as soon as they are ready for ordering!

Also, if you have empty cartridges, I’m happy to buy them from you.



I’ll be in touch.