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Form 1 / 1+ / 2 3rd Party Resin Settings Master List


Keep me posted when you’re finished then


Yes I will. I am getting ready to make a big Bucktown Push this weekend. Beginning of next week I will report my progress and also address the blocker.



What specifically do you change in the data to “reset” a tank? Do all tanks have the same initial values in the first two rows of the page 2?


Based on this, I don’t blame anyone if they don’t want to answer the question I just asked above…


Hi All. New to using 3rd party resins with form 2. What would cause a print to stick to the vat and not the platform?


I Am using Senertek dental resin from Turkey. Off eBay. Have tried White v4, Grey and Black. White dislodged tray at layer 1 and the other two didn’t seem to affect tray but still didn’t stick to platform.



The first thing to try is always fine tuning the platform lower (and sometimes higher).

I tend to start new resins with smaller parts to see how they are going to print. Keeping an eye on it and stopping or pausing when I think there is an issue is a must. Stuck parts can cause clouding or chunking on the PDMS.


This fine tuning is on the printer right. And which colour would you think should be a starting point?


Yes, on the printer.

With the issues you describe I would start with Grey V2. Eventually you’ll end up trying several different material types to see what one prints with the best accuracy.


Which axis for the platform height and what gradients would you recommend. Sorry for the noob questions. Much appreciate ur help.


The correct setting is the platform offset not any type of scaleing. Z platform height only.

I nudge mine at 0.1mm at a time but once it’s tuned you can forget about it for years.


Great thanks. Once I change this platform height.
If I go back to normal mode and not open mode, do I have to put the platform back to original setting.


I don’t think so but I can’t remember.


Thanks again for your help.


Hey all,

I’m still alive(In case you’re wondering :slight_smile: ).
I think I found a durable solution to use third party resins with closed mode(wiper and heater ON) again which cannot be blocked as it’s a hardware solution. I’m testing this out now.

However, it is more complicated than the previous solution and I am wondering if there is enough interest to proceed:

One of the solutions is sending me an empty resin cartridge, which I will clean, modify and send back. This modification allows you to choose the resin type on the fly. This modified cartridge can be used indefinitely as long as you replace the bite-valve once in a while. I’m not sure about pricing, but expect that you run break-even after 2 liters of third party resin.

Please keep your used cartridges! I’m happy to pay a few bucks each for them. :slight_smile:


I always keep em! This is exciting.


same I’ve got a nice stack of them now, I have about three I need re reset. Are we no longer producing the reset keys?


Hallo, I try it, but doesn’t work


He is not selling the keys because firmware updates were made to block the use of the key.

If you know the secret handshake the reset tool works fine. Contact the seller for details by email.


Tried got no response :man_shrugging:t5: