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Form 1 / 1+ / 2 3rd Party Resin Settings Master List


I will still be getting one, to help the cause


If anyone is having trouble resetting their cartridges, drop me an email and I’ll explain how to fix it.

Some magic photons bouncing at 405nm and photocentric3D resin. :wink:


Hi there.
I want one of those. I sent an e-mail to you but didn’t get any answer.


For the Dentists out there: this may not be news to some of you but it was a breakthrough for me. I finally got my hands on 2 kinds of Nexdent resins. I bought them from Sprintray the makers of the Monray DLP printers
I was able to purchase the C&B and Ortho Clear each for $300 a Kilo. It is expensive compared to the regular resins but remember that Formlabs charges $500 for the Ortho clear and it is probably the same resin form Nexdent.
The good news is that both resins printed successfully with my form 2 in “Hacker Mode” using a spent Clear V2 cartridge. I printed at .1 resolution with a fresh tank in both cases
The teeth are from The "Brenes Pontic Library and the guide was planned with Blu sky Bio software
The fit of the guide is somewhat snug but usable
The bad news is that the only shade available for C&B is A3.5, They actually do not tell you which shade they are going to ship but when I called after the fact they told me that is the only shade they have so far. Unfortunately I am not sure what shade guide they were using because the actual shade is a very comical lemon yellow that can only be used for Halloween.
I have been assured by Sprintray that new shades will be available in the spring.
I have yet to complain about the pretty much useless $300 worth of lemon yellow resin, But I was happy to verify that it could actually print.
I will keep you posted
Lorenzo Minniti, DDS



Over cure your C&B prints with UV light or even the sun and the A3.5 shade will change to a B2 approximately…


I suspected that ,and I left it under direct sun(outside) yesterday for several hours after having already cured them under uv in the " nail " cure oven for a while. But I did not see much change , maybe the fact that, as a test, I printed solid teeth keeps the core dark. I will try to print a shell crown and see if the yellow goes away
Thank you for the feedback


could you please give give me some more details on how long you leave the resin under the sun or UV to get to B2, what kind of curing light do you use?
I also noticed that I cannot get a sharp edge on the crown margins it is very thick at the edges, do you know of any other print settings that would improve on that ?
I guess I jumped too early to the conclusion that the resin were printing fine, the dimensions are incorrect.
and if anybody on the forum has any info on this feel free to chime in, I also have a form 1+ where I could try to change the ini file but at this point I wouldn’t know where to start
Thank you!



No more than 2 hours with the sun light give me a B2 color.

First I cure the print on a nail uv lamp for 1 hour, then 2 hours with the sun light.

Sorry I have not tested the crown margins yet. I will let you know as soon as I make the tests.


Thank you Nanogear
This is my first attempt to use 3rd party resins so maybe this is what many of the people on the forum refer as “overcure” .
What I am noticing is very thick crown margins and the supports contact points are very thick
So I am guessing I may have to experiment either with chemical inhibitors or reduce the intensity of the laser.
I am sure the info is on the forum somewhere but I am not seeing much info about Nexdent resins. Everyone seems to be experimenting with cheaper 3rd party resins (since formlabs is sticking it to us.)
BTW I finally noticed the overcure effect in removing the yellow hue from the crowns. I would not call it B2 but at least it’s in the human range. I really overcured though much longer than you describe but then again my crowns are turning out a bit thick


Hi Lorenzo and Nanogear
Great information. I have a bottle of C&B resin (A3.5) in the clinic waiting for a test.
Maybe if I did read your posts earlier I wouldn’t have it. I purchased it thinking it would be much easier to get a decent result, as someone wrote “I have validated this >50 times works perfect” in THIS SPREADSHEET
I did print a bridge in GreyV3 resin and it was perfect. After holidays I will test the same bridge in Nexdent C&B and get back to you


I just tried something that might be of interest
Since I was getting overcure with the Nextdent C&B resins with the Form2 I decided to dim the laser with a photographic neutral density gel filter
I bought a set of 3 from B&H they are made by Norman #810551 they come in 3 densities 1,2 and 3 stops I put the filter underneath the tank in the path of the laser
I tried 1 and I was still getting overcure so I tried 2 and voila’ the overcure is gone
You may want to give it a try


Love it! I have also been wondering for sometime about different ways to filter the laser. You are definitely on to something! Thanks for the input!!!


Now comes the difficult part. It is just fortunate that 2 stops filter did it for the most part in this case. I still have some experimenting to do since with the #2 filter most of the overcure is gone, but I think there is still some slight thickening. So maybe adding a 1/2 stop more may do the trick. I will post my findings once I find 1/2 stop filters of the right size so I can stack them for fine tuning


Man, I have been hiding behind my screen for a long time reading this thread and honestly, you guys are freaking amazing! The amount of knowledge & experiments you made are helping many other users.

Special thanks to both @yoderkl & @fantasy2 for their invaluable contributions.


I did one more print, this time with the #3 filter and I think this is the best result so far. The print result appears to be comparable to a print of the same bridge that I did with clear formlab resin in normal mode.
The overall thickness of the print decreased even further and it fits on the model just the same as the clear “official” print.
I know this has been quite empirical, no test cubes were harmed in this process, but I was itching for a quick answer.
So if anybody can suggest some test file to refine the accuracy even further I am open to trying
For now and for the dentists stuck with the Form 2 closed system #3 filter seems like a good place to start for Nextednt resin C&B A3.5
I am interested in what @yoderkl and @Nanogear may have to say about this since they have played around with this resin quite a bit more than me


I waited until after the preform and firmware updates before I got around to trying ALW resin. Have you tested the differences in using grey and white settings for beige? Also, have you noticed a harder peeling process using ALW vs. FL resins before or after the updates?
I’m almost thinking I need to adjust my z axis since the new firmware.


Hey I haven’t tried either of those settings because the items I’ve been printing have been smaller than 100ml but ALW resin does seem harder to get it off the build plate. I also have avoided the mess out of the firmware update based on all of you alls complaints I have a few jobs stacked up and this is not the time for me to deal with issues because of an update.

planning on doing some mixes soon of the ALW resins to see if I can run in closed mode using a grey cartridge and get the same results


My last test with Nextdent C&B - Open Mode Dental SG

The fit is good enough. Next monday I’ll try a 3 unit bridge on an implant patient.


@yoderkl can you answer BPolymers questions? I think I read somewhere you had gotten this to work.


Please stop emailing me about reset tools. They all have been sold out. :slight_smile:

I’m working on an updated version which should be compatible with the latest firmware!