Force Form 3 to print with empty cartridge

Is there a way to make this thing print? There is more than enough resin in the tank for my part and not wait days for resin.

Every time I turn around, I regret buying this printer.


There is resin level sensor in the tank and with the time it drifts and results in excessive resin staying in the tank. The fixture is simple - load latest firmware and start resin level sensor calibration procedure. After calibration you’ll see that the printer will start using the excessive resin in the tank. Well, there is some minimum level of resin required in the tank.

With the older firmware it was possible just to tilt the printer (lift it ~1-2 inches from right side) to get more resin around the sensor to fool the printer, personally I used this approach to print with empty cartridge (while excessive resin in the tank). But after calibrating the sensor I don’t have anymore such problems.

Any idea how long this should take? It’s sitting on “Calibrating” for a very long time.

On my printer it took ~10 minutes the whole cycle, some people report that it took ages. Ensure that you follow strictly the instructions which will appear on the printer screen (remove the tank, etc.).

If you can’t complete the calibration you may have issue with the resin level sensor.

The resin level sensor has a floating part and a lever which is moving up when resin level rises. Ensure that the lever didn’t stuck and can move up/down freely (nothing is holding the lever or preventing the movements)

So set up a print like normal. It will go through the pre-print steps. It will get to the filling screen and throw up an error. You have three options. One of them is continue. Just click continue and it will keep printing. This screen can take ~5 minutes to show up.

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I was able to do that in the past. I think they stopped if from doing that. I let it go and go last night and it never gave the error.

It kept sweeping and filling for the better part of an hour.

I couldn’t wait for resin to print the part so I made one by hand. Please, FormLabs. Open this machine up a little bit so we can use it as we need. I could have printed 10 of the part I need with the resin in the tank.

I am looking to sell my Form3 and replace it with 4-6 of another manufacturer. Don’t get me wrog, this printer is nice but there are $300-$500 printers out there that print as well and some better using $50 resin.

So i think i had a similar thing show up this weekend. A print had stopped on my Form 3 around half way through. It sat for about 8 hours before I got back into work. It stopped because it could not dispense any resin out of the cartridge. I pulled the cartridge to check if there was anything in it, and when I re-seated it. I tried to resume as if i had put a full cartridge in it. Then it sat and did the mixing thing your talking about. I let it sit. It sat for ~2 hours before hitting the error again. Allowing me to press the continue button and the print finished with no problems. There is definitely a line in the parts that shows where it was stopped for 8 hours. But the parts are still functional.

I’ve never gotten this errorand option, and I"ve definitely waited for more than 5 minutes.

I pulled out the empty cartridge and it went straight to “preparing tank” though.

Just for curiosity - which printers in the $300-$500 range print as well or better than Form3?

The Elegoo Mars ($250), which I have had prints in my hand. The Saturn($500) is out this month as well as the Phrozen mini 4k ($500), both with monchrome screens. $40 a liter resin.

I ordered a Mars Pro. $30 to replace the screen and $30 trays.