Force print with empty tank?

I have a full tray but an empty tank. No option to ignore the empty tank, so it just won’t start, just repeatedly opens the valve, senses the resin and repeats. The resin left in the tank would be enough to print 20 or 30 of the tiny parts.
Is there any way to force the print to start?


+1 on a feature like that

Hi, do you have a form three? If so is your machine telling you your cartridge is empty ?

On machine display how much resin left

Also on dashboard how much resin left.

I had similar issues. It’s all about the level sensor in the tank - it doesn’t detect correctly the resin level and like result you finish with overflowing tank and the printer is still trying to get more resin from the cartridge. You need to upgrade the firmware and do tank level sensor calibration (it exists in the latest firmwares)

I got this issue before the firmware was fixed and calibration was introduced, the patch I found was this:

  1. Just after starting the new print, lift right end of the printer one inch high and allow the resin to rise completely the level sensor. Level sensor reports enough resin and printer moves to next step.
  2. Once printer starts normal tank preparing procedure (after resin filling completed) bring back printer to horizontal position

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