Fogging on the bottom side of the Form 2 LT tank

Recently I changed my stock tank of form 2 with new form 2 LT Tank. Just 1Lt of resin is printed. Now the bottom side of tank is hazy and is not giving good prints. Especially at the hazy portion, the prints are not printed and the semi printed parts are dropped in the tank.
Found similar issue with previous tank so I changed the tank.

  1. Is this issue is common and changing the tank is only option, which is very costly? (If so it is the worst machine ever made).
  2. If there is any other solution (other than cleaning it )?
  3. Why this fogging occur? so that we can avoid this issue again.

Required immediate support or solution.

What is the environment where you use the printer? Are there higher concentrations of vapors or fumes or smoke? I used to keep my Form2 in the same room where I smoke cigars. The room is well ventilated, but laser optics are really sensitive to environmental contaminants. It didn’t take a lot of exposure before the printer stopped printing reliably.

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