Foam1 user in South of England (UK)

Hi all, I am very interest in the foam1 but would love to see one working before I buy.  Has anyone in the south of England (Dorset) area have a unit that I could see operating?

Hi Colin,

I am just what your looking for - sort of!

I have a Form1, but it doesn’t work all the time :s

I live in Bournemouth if you want to pop round and see it any time…


That sounds great, please could you email me your details to

Do you mind me asking why it doesn’t work all the time?


Hi Colin,

I don’t want to speak out of turn as I am currently going back and fro with the support guys at Formlabs.

I have had stunning results but unfortunately they’re overshadowed by failed prints. Still awaiting the latest from them, I presume it will be next week now.