Flying Support Pillar?

Hi everyone,

I came up with this weird error in Preform 2.14 where a support pillar is floating in midair which is obviously an error. Below pictures showcase this problem:

This is the model I want to print.

And here you can see the floating support after orienting the model:

Normally when I have an error in preform it’s a simple fix of just slightly moving the orientation and trying again.

Also, I wouldn’t print this part in that orientation because of the suction cup effect. It’s likely to fail or have surface imperfections. I would flip the part upside down from the orientation you have shown. This gives a vent hole at the top of the part.

I flipped the part upside down to get rid of the cup effect(third picture), it’s just that it’s the first time I get an error like this so I wanted everyone to know.

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