Flexible 80A for soft robotics

Hey has anyone made a soft robotics like gripper using Flexible 80A?

I am making a soft robotics, wanted to try with Flexible 80A since I saw this Youtube shorts by Formlabs.

I made some tryouts, although during the curing process, the air cavity in my model got filled up with resin. I’d like to know how do you get a clean air cavity, or hollow shape? How do you take out the resin properly??


I have done similar parts, the biggest thing is making sure all the resin is out of the part before curing. I have a squeeze bottle filled with IPA I use to flush out the part and then let the part sit and see if any more resin has moved since and repeat, until it looks like it is fully cleared out and then cure.

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Did you have a extra hole to flush out the material?
For my case, it is important to have no hole except for connecting air fitting.

Hi! I’ve also found that flushing out interior geometry with a large syringe filled with IPA is a good way to clean out those channels, and just make sure it’s clean before curing. Good luck!


Another thing to consider is that modeling threads at that scale especially in a flexible material is probably going to be a less effective sealing and attachment method than just designing a press fit on some smooth wall tubing