Flame Retardant Material


I got a survey from Formlabs today which seemed to be probing market interest for a new flame-retardant material. I’d love to see one materialize!

In that vein, I thought I’d share a video from a project I did a couple years back. It compares flammability of a part printed in Standard Resin to one which had Adeka FP-600 mixed in (a commercial flame retardant additive designed for polymers):

I was really impressed by the miscibility of the additive. Some more photos from the project are in this thread. Initially I wanted to use High Temp resin, but it was too brittle for my application (which required a snap-fit).


agreed, I would like to see if a high-heat silicone could be printed, bypassing post process…
gettiing rid of the need to print, sand, prime, then mold…

for some of us, things dont need to be pretty they just need to function… and at the same time be food grade/ if applicable.

like the ventilator adapter, but one that can sustain high heat, resistant , like silicone, instead of printing, then molding… not everyone needs a perfect product, some just are looking for a simple function…