Flakes on my print, any clue?

I am trying to print this part on my Form 2 (these are FDM printed parts, at 0.3 mm). The shape is a flat, rectangular box sliced in two halves.


My first try using Draft resin resulted in this. The resin and the tank were both new, out of the box; I used a Form 2 Resin Tank LT.

Then, I tried using Applied Lab Work Gray in Open mode, different orientation. You can see how I got some layer hanging.

the bottom of the tank ended like this

I already cleaned the glass, the platform was flat, the mirror do not look dirty.

Any Idea what is happening?


I have tried clear, new tank, same results. Send a message to Formlabs support, no answer.Almost one month, two tanks, two liter of resin and same results.

What do I meed to do to get some help?

Ok, I just need to make it right.

I have to say that I ENTER A WRONG EMAIL in my ticket support. So, no fault from Formlabs side.

Once I they were able to contact me, I got a solution to this problem (yes, just cleaning the galvos!) and have been printing like crazy without fails since then!

THANKS to Tech Support. happy camper here!!