First product on the wonderful Form 2

So far I’m impressed with the detail achievable on my new Form 2. Such a great machine. This is the first production and I’m pleased with the result. Must say I’m used to the high resolution provided by Multi Jet Modeling by one of those big online guys. Allthough the resolution of the Form 2 is less accurate, the surface finish is much more consistent providing an overall better result in my opinion.

More experimenting to be done to find out the possibilities. Especially regarding custom supports for such small objects! These parts were created using custom bases and supports. The parts - especially the locomotive and carriages - would otherwise use up way too much support material.

1:12 (one inch scale) figure-of-eight toy wooden train tracks



Hi Sander

I remember printing some of these test pieces for you on my form 2. Good to hear you liked it and bought your own machine!

Really nice to see what you are making, I love it!

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