First Prints - Is this what I should expect?

Hi all,

I’ve recently got access to a brand new Form 2 and first impressions is that its an amazing piece of kit.
I have one main queries about my first prints that I’m hoping you guys can answer.

My main issue is an orange peal like texture that I get on the main side of my prints, please see below.

Is this normal?

The part size is 60mm long - I’m running black version 3. The resin is new and the all the equipment is as you would expect from a new printer.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!


what resolution did you run it at?

I ran the print at 0.05 - sorry I should have mentioned that

It would be more helpful if we could see how the part is oriented for printing.

If you print a part parallel to the build platform it can have issues with uneven texture on the side facing the platform.

Also, If this part will be painted later it might be worth trying a print at 0.1mm resolution. It’s actually really good and the paint process will remove or dull the layer lines.

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you could print it flat on bed no supports and see if it smoother you 'll have a slight flashing around the base to file off. and you may have to compensate in the model for the extra compression in the first few layers. since the back is dead flat print that side down

Thanks for the reply Fred. Here is the orientation of the print.

I’m aware of the problem printing parallel to the bed. The bottom face sags and the top, although it has a clean surface, you lose detail in the print.

Yes the part will be painted… I might run one at point 0.1 and see what happens.

You should not expect to see that orange peel texture, especially at 50µm layer thickness.

Based on your PreForm screenshot, it looks like your part has too few support structures, especially at the bottom. During the print, I suspect that the part is wobbling about the support structures between layers, causing the flawed surface finish.

And FWIW, 99% of my prints are at 100µm layer thickness and the surface finish is great.

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Another possibility:
Your printer is one those few ones that can’t print Black V3 (words of the German support, not mine…).

I have the same issues, and ONLY with Black V3. And there is no solution except using other resins.

Your orientation does look OK and I agree that you probably need a few more supports.

You might also want to look at clearing any partially cured resin from the tank (Just strain through a paint filter). Double check that the resin is agitated/mixed well. I have seen the resins settle a bit and shaking the cartridge will help (not too hard just a minute or two of sloshing the resin around in the cartridge.

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Yeah, for supports part of it needs to have an even spread so that the part can be stabilized during printing. It also helps with cleanup to have them more evenly spread out.

I mostly print jewelry, so I generate my own supports and raft…when printing directly on the bed, there is always a line that occurs about 5mm above the build platform on my supports (mentioned in other threads…). I’m assuming that would nterfere with this kind of print directly on the platform? Just curious…

I also agree on the recommendation for more supports. In the beginning I erred on the side of fewer supports because I hated cleanup…I’ve learned that cleanup is generally a part of printing, and on something like this I’d put them on the flat size and just accept that I would be sanding it down…also adding a little extra thickness if necessary…I usually add about 0.1-0.2 mm in thickness if I knew I had to do that.

Hi guys,

Thank you for all the replies and ideas…
I’m going to run a couple of test prints based on your feedback and I will post some results tomorrow!

To start with I’ll go to 0.1, then print another parallel to the bed… also if there’s time i’ll add some more supports.

Until then! :slight_smile:

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Yes, the line at 5mm is a result of how it changes the layer exposure after the first 5mm. It has a higher exposure initially to improve adhesion to the platform and it’s not an issue if you use supports since the actual object will be above that point, but it’s an issue for things you print directly to the base.

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Thanks, Zachary! Good to know…I’ve been raising them for awhile but didn’t know the true reason. :smiley:

Hi All, as promised (a day late) here are some pics of some more tests. I dropped the resolution to point one as was suggested, which I think made the most difference and added 5% more supports. The results are completely different. The amount of fine detail is the same but the overall finish is so much cleaner.


Wow, that’s impressive! Great photos, too.

I’ve seen a similar issue but not on first prints. We remedied the problem by doing the following:

  1. Shake the resin tank!..I’ve forgotten to do this and after a few weeks the resin will settle.
  2. Clean/strain the resin tray. I noticed after a few prints that are some ‘boogers’ in the tray. We did have a failed print and suspect some solidified structures dropped off and back into the resin tray/liquid.

Check/clean the resin tray by:
A. Remove the tray from the printer.
B. Place it on a flat surface.
C. With your hand, move the wiper blade across the tray, look and see any clumps of material.
D. Using the spatula, remove the clumps.
E. Using the spatula wipe across the tray bottom - lightly, to assure the surface is free to stuck particles.

After we did this, the print surface is smooth and back to perfect results.