First big project: Ghostbusters

I bought my Form2 back in the fall & have been loving it ever since. This is my first big project effort: portrait busts of the original Ghostbusters. Ray Stantz is the first one out of the gate. Model was created using Zbrush, Maya & Marvelous Designer.

Detail pics:

Ray 01

Ray 02

Ray 03

Ray 04


Hah, very nice. I especially love the details like the cig about to fall out of his mouth. How big is that? Is it solid?

Thanks :slight_smile:

He’s about 9" tall assembled. Parts are all hollow with 2-4 mm walls

This is very, very nice.

I assume your ZBrush model is fully textured, yes? You should post some shots of the that, I’d love to see that, and it would give us an idea of what this will look like once it’s painted (assuming you’re going to paint it).

Anyway, beautiful work. Wish I could do that, but I’m not a good sculptor.


I havent done color yet - my plan (after i finish all 4 actors statues) is to take on or two and do them as fully textured CG renders w/hair (my day job is artist on the character team at Activision).

Some images of the zbrush models (early image of both still wip):

& some other test print images:


Simply impressive !

Bill Murray’s and Dan Aykroyd likenesses are just…wow!

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Superb job, love the capture of expressions! These would be fun to mold and cold-metal cast with metal powders and urethane.

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