Firmware update result?

Ok! there’s stuff I like about new firmware update, like being a lot faster now, but on the other hand, I’m printing some minis at 0,1 and Im getting this result. I dont know if someone else is getting this, Its barely unnoticeable in hand, but Im worried this translates into mold, making it effectively unnaceptable for my client. Sooo… Im about to fall back to the older firmware and reprint. I took a photo from the effect. At this point miniature was still wet from washing. What do you think?

It’s a bit tricky to gauge the scale on this without a reference. Could you compare this with a print from earlier software versions and a scale reference? That would be a big help in identifying whether the layering you’re seeing is more pronounced. We did a fair bit of testing to verify that the recent printing improvements wouldn’t negatively impact print quality so we’ll help to ensure that this isn’t the case here.

hi, yes I took it from a similar sized miniature in front of a 5cent coin. The one to the left is the one with the actual firmware 0.1 detail, the right one, older firmware at 0.5 detail. Resin is the same cartdidge yet.

As you can see detail in the older one is by far superior at that scale and theres no sunch evident layering effect. Is it possible to revert back to the older firmware until you have dealt with this issue?

aww man! shame on me! I think I’ve just found what was happening. I moved the slider the OTHER way so yes, effectively printing at the lowest resolution possible, Im taking it to the right position after resending to the printer. will keep you informed :blush:

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