Firmware changelog

I noticed Preform 2.2.0 became available today, and the release notes mention a new Form 2 firmware. Where can I find changelogs for the firmware?

I have rc-1.2.0-232 and am upgrading to rc-1.3.2-250, and I just want to discover what’s new / fixed.

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Hi Richard - we’ll see about getting some release notes included alongside the PreForm notes.

Regarding the change from firmware 1.2 to 1.3, there are a handful of minor bug fixes (e.g. better time and temperature calculations), as well as improvements to the IP address connection, future firmware updates being indicated onscreen, and allowing to “skip” the “cartridge empty” warning to finish a print.

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I suggested this during the Beat testing. It’s very difficult to do targeted testing on the firmware updates if you don’t know what changed.

I’m glad to see the “skip” feature is now added. :smiley:

That skip update… I could hug you right now.

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