File uploads to Form 3, it runs through nationalization. Help!

My organization has an older Form 3, after uploading a file from PreForm the printer runs through the initialization sequence till it displays the print time, but only for a few seconds then the print head returns to home, then display (Ready to Print) (upload a job to EminentMagpie) You know the file is uploaded by checking the queue.

Hi @850jim,

Thank you for reaching out - this certainly sounds quite unusual. I would recommend taking a video demonstrating this behavior and sharing it with our Support Team for them to take a closer look.

have you updated the printers firmware?

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Problem is solved! This unit was purchased in 2019 and the Engineer that worked with it did not leave any support information. And having never worked with an SLA printer, I did a factory reset and installed a compatible Firmware with the version of PreForm I am using.

Thank you.