Bug: Uploading from PreForm while Priming Simultaneously results in disappearing print file

Please let me know if there is a better location or format to post bug reports where I don’t need a reply, but want to make sure it has been sent to the software team.

PreForm version: 3.23.1
Form 3B firmware version: latest available as of 4/6/2022

Problem description:
If I click orange “start a print” button in PreForm, and then “Upload Job” to my printer, and then while the job is still uploading (since sometimes it takes a while if it is a large print job), I initiate the printer priming sequence…

After PreForm finishes uploading the file to my printer, PreForm says it was successfully uploaded.

However, the Form 3B printer does not appear to receive the file anywhere. It’s very odd.

Then, if I hit “Start a print” and “Upload a Job” again on PreForm, it appears that either the original (previous) file or the new one suddenly appears on the Printer’s LCD screen and it begins printing.

The reason this is annoying is because when the print is done, the printer now automatically queues up the file that you reuploaded! This isn’t too big of a deal because I usually delete the duplicated print file off the printer, but one time I wasn’t paying attention because I had queued up multiple print jobs, and I accidentally allowed the printer to print the duplicate file a second time! So after 8 hours of waiting for my print to finish, to my dismay, it was the same print that had already previously succeeded!

Hi @FormFabricator9000,

Thank you for submitting this bug report, and apologies for the delay in this response. You can always submit these types of reports to our Support Team, or you can go to the Help menu in Preform and select Give Feedback. I hope this helps!