Figure prints?

Has anyone tried printing out a human figure from Poser yet?

Based on my experience making poser figures, you will need to manually edit a lot of geometry to make it airtight , either by capping holes or adding an inner wall and drain holes for the inner resin,  and remove any single-face polys (eg, fingernails, eyelashes, some wings etc) and interior geometry (inside of mouth, for example, has lots of overlapping mesh, and isn’t even needed if the mouth is closed - they’re optimised for posing/display display and not printing.

I’ve made a couple of my own figures designed to pose-n-print, they’re put together VERY differently to Daz or poser default figure design, and still need some cleanup to be ‘printable’ in some poses, even on non-fussy printers

I’m using DAZ models at the moment myself. I am using Zbrush in tandem with DAZ Studio Pro 4.6. I can help with this but you must be using Zbrush.

When working with a DAZ 3d model, in zbrush you need to execute the following: 1). Import your model using GoZ, add “autogroups” and (2).  split groups. This will separate the teeth and the eyelashes (and eyeballs) from the body mesh. (3). Then, use “close holes” to make it watertight around the eye sockets.

Also, you may want to research a software called Topogun which I use to redraw the underlying topology of 3d models for better 3D printing.

I did figure printing with the Form1 and I don’t see why Poser would failed as soon as the hairs are real volume geometry and not flat textures polygons or physical hairs. Then you just need to take care of the “volume” aspect of the model.

You can look my ZBrush models here;