Wearable mask

Hello, I’ve found this beautiful model and I would like to print it with our Form3L. I never printed something so complex and huge and I’m pretty worried that I could make a mess.

Actually it look like this.


To avoid to use so much resin I read online I could make an hollow model out of it but once I load it inside PreForm it says that there are concave and convex parts that could break up or mess it up. What should I do? I’m pretty worried!

Hi @Lumdir,

Thank you for reaching out about this! The yellow warning highlight displayed by PreForm is an indication of a potential cupping issue that could cause a Cupping blowout. I believe the hollowed-out version of the model would have a lower print success rate than the solid version, but if you were to go for it, I would recommend adding vent holes to resolve any potential cupping issues.

Thank you for your reply! I understood the potential risks of cupping. I never used meshmixer and I wouldn’t result in making some errors by choosing too much thin walls or something else.

I’m disappointed by printing it solid because it will weight much more and will use a lot of resin but I guess I have no choice. Should I lauch safely the first version in the screenshot?

Hi @Lumdir,
The best way to approach this is to create a support case with us and submit that file for review and ideas on how to approach that print. We can suggest general Model orientation best practices for SLA printing (formlabs.com) to help you out here, but the geometry of that part would be best suited in a support case for investigation. The resin and settings you plan to use will also be a factor to be taken in consideration. Hope this helps!

Only a few resins are approved for contact with human skin. Be sure you pick one of those if you’re going to be pressing your entire face against the inside of the mask.

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@Phil.O I try creating a support request. Thanks!
@Randy_Cohen I have the “basic” grey resin but I guess I’ll place some spacers inside to make it fit well.


Few resins are permitted to come into contact with human skin. If you intend to press your entire face against the inside of the mask, make sure to choose one of those.

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