Form 2 - Bad printing in the middle

Hi friends,

I won from a friend a Form 2, a couple of months.

I am having some good printing so far as you can see in the pictures. I was using clear resin from
Formlabs and now, using now a third party grey resin, from Yller Cosmos in opem mode.

I hollowed in meshmixer the legs, from the statue that I’m trying to build, and put holes to avoid suction,
in Preform put full raft and when printing reaches both hollowed legs, it brakes the printing. I’ve alread tryed this five times, also spent a lot of resin, oh my godness…

Could anyone help me please? I am a newby in resin printer, but I have a FDM Ender 3 Pro for years.

I post here some pictures that talk for themselves!

Thank you!!



This bust I had success, printed 100% ih the first try!


I forgot to tell that I printed the arms, guns and both hands with success with these Yller Cosmos, grey resin.

Hi @Luis_Claudio,

I’m so sorry that you’re having trouble!

At this time, Formlabs is only equipped to offer support when we’re able to account for all variables in the printing process—including resin. As such, we recommend printing on Formlabs resins for best results and support. In fact, it sounds like our standard grey resin might be a great substitute for your application!

That being said, if you’re ever experiencing difficulties printing with Formlabs resin, be sure to reach out to our support team. They’ll be able to more accurately diagnose your issue and get you back to printing successfully!


No, I won’t use formlabs resin once it is so much expensive and in the market, here in Brazil also,
tere are companies that fabricates resin. And if I had to buy, would be necessary to import, what leave
the resin 80% more expensive.

Luckyly one friend from Formlabs support could identify the problem (dirty mirrors) and told me the

Thank you, even if you didn’t help.

Hi Luis,

I’m glad that Formlabs support was able to help you with this issue! If you have any other questions, feel free to respond in this thread and let us know.

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