Feedback: New Rigid10k print settings caused a failed print

Dear Formlabs, I would like to submit this as feedback to the team in charge of print settings…

The new Rigid 10k settings have smaller supports, but the print failed even when Preform believed the print would succeed. I have never had this happen. During the print, the print itself detached from some of the supports! (see pic!)

Additionally, I have noticed that the new print setting’s time estimate is very inaccurate. It will constantly suggest there are only 10-15 minutes left but it still has hours left in the print.

Here is the file I used:
Here is an example picture of the print failing:

I will revert to Legacy Rigid 10k print settings for now.

PreForm version: 3.23.0

Hi @FormFabricator9000,

Thank you for submitting this feedback, and apologies for the delay in response; I am going back over old forum posts for any that were missed. Going forward, you can submit feedback from the Help menu in PreForm or reaching directly out to our Services Team. I hope this helps!