Feature Request. Print scheduling/booking time on calendar on the dashboard

The dashboard shows you a calendar for past and current prints but it would be a game changer if you could schedule pints using the formlabs dashboard rather than having to create a sperate calendar using a different software to book in time to use the printer. This doesn’t need to need to include automatic starting of scheduled prints but just being able to earmark time that is linked to/can add a print file that is ready to print. Could be used to set the priority of the prints uploaded to a printer rather than just the order they are uploaded to the printer.
(some background - we are a company with about 10 people that use the printer and currently book in time ahead for urgent prints but its not an ideal setup)

I just think there is already a dashboard set up with the formlabs ecosystem that could include booking time features which would make it much better since everything is contained in the same ecosystem.


+1 on this. Good idea.

Hi @andrewcurry,

Thank you for the suggestion! I agree that this would be convenient, especially since the calendar/timeline feature is already present. I’ll pass this along to the team.

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