Favorite New Tools for newbies

I am just starting to figure what tools help in the printing process and during cleaning.

Trying to keep things on the cheap - I can imaging a lot of stuff that would be cool for sanding and painting, but I am looking to build a basic kit of stuff that gets me by for a bit.

Here’s what I’ve added recently to the default stuff you get with the form1…

some super long tweezers (10+ inches) - so I can easily fish stuff out of the IPA without needing to use my gloves or using my bare hands. Usually after a print has been soaking for a bit.


a rubber-gripper friction vise. Quick to lock in on the round top part of the build platform using its slide-lock mechanism… Keeps things pretty snug while trying to remove a print.

Other stuff (I’ve heard from others too):

razor blade - for removing prints from the build platform
magnifying glass - this printer is beyond my vision
exacto knife (esp with flat blade - for popping off supports in tight spots
finger nail trimmers

I’d love to see/hear what other folks are finding useful above/beyond the default tools provided with the form1.

I am particularly interested in any insights on ‘combing’ through the resin tray for bits of failed print!