Love the New Part Removal Tool

I wanted to take a moment to thank the FormLabs team for the new part removal tool that’s included in the Form 2 finishing kit.
When I see such a simple change to a product that makes a really big difference to the way things work-- I know people are paying attention to their end-users’ experience. Bravo.

One problem: After I showed all my Form1 and Form1+ friends how well it works, they want to get their hands on it too, but it’s not available through the store (yet?).
Any recommendations for getting more of these?

-JD Davison
The Lab Partners

I’m curious how well that works, I was using an Exacto knife with a chisel blade for the Form1 which worked pretty well.

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It is far better than any combination of scraper/razor/pry bar I’ve used. (your mileage may vary, of course.)
Typically, I only have to give a little twist under one of the quick release tabs and “Pop!” my work-piece comes off.

The Lab Partners

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