Failures, file, machine or operator error?

I’ve tried to print this file 3 times now, varying orientations and support settings, the platform prints just fine everytime but then nothing adheres to the supports. I’m printing again with excessive supports and a benchy alongside to see if that prints. I am using a 3rd party resin but that has never given me any issues like this before. The PDMS layer is a little clouded in places but is not responsible for the failures. Any thoughts welcome.

You can find the file here:

Resolved. Over doing the supports fixed the issue.

My experience with third party resins has been that they are a bit more brittle and need more supports and/or bigger point sizes.

Large prints aren’t easy to print with most of the 3rd party stuff.

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I’ve been using this stuff for over a year now with no real issues, for some reason this particular part just wouldn’t work with the regular support settings i normally apply… One of those things I guess.

That part looks a bit complex so getting a good orientation and being careful with the support locations would be very important. As far as third party resin goes, it often cures more quickly than the Formlabs resin which could mean that it sticks to the bottom of the tank more which could increase the amount of stress when it separates the print from the tray to print the next layer.

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