Repeated fails after certain height/print time

A few weeks ago, I found that every print I attempted would fail at a certain point, and cured resin would build up on my PDMS.

I clean the build platform and rake the resin tray after every build.

I noticed no potential issues except for possible clouding on the PDMS. I ordered 2 new trays.

When I received the new trays, I opened a fresh bottle of resin and poured it into the new tray. Same problem occurred as it did with the old tray. See pics:

Notice the left and right failed objects. This is how they appear in preform:

Notice how the taller object sort of “cut off” at the slant? This is what’s happened every time. It’s happened with every object I print, not just these. Also, i’ve successfully printed several of the now-failing objects before… so I know the .stl files are good and the orientation/support is good.

Lower objects seem to come out ok. I attribute this more to time than to height…ie - the slow buildup of hardened resin on the PDMS.

Also, notice the “skin-like” buildup? That’s new to me with the Formlabs white resin, and with the new build tray.

I saw on a previous thread that someone thought maybe the new firmware had a laser power issue causing this?

I can’t print without a failure, or without buildup on my PDMS - please help. Any ideas?

Thomas - please send us a message to and we will get you sorted out asap!


I realise this is a very old post but I want to see if you got the problem fixed @Thomas_Henderson ??

I am having the same issue, after about 60mm of printing all prints seem to fail.



Ian - shoot us a support ticket so our tech staff can help you out.