Failing prints, what's going on?

Here same issue after update whit v3 flat resin , we made several test today , we have take Resin v3 and put on empty Black v2 cartrige and try to selected V2 setup on printer whit V3 resin on the cartrige v2 and is works perfect what is the problem whit V3 setup ??? the same resin works on V2 setup whit V3 resin !!!

We prefer V2 compare V3 !!! V3 setup is crap !

Back to the original issue…

Jason, did you get your machine back, and did support say what they had to fix?

Tried brand new high temp resin and a brand new tank over the weekend. Still getting crap prints.

Were you able to get in touch with a member of our support team? We have troubleshooting steps that might help out and if you haven’t been in contact with our team, I’ll make sure one of our members reaches out.

Yes, They were convinced the problem was expired resin. The Black v2 you guys sold me just hit a year old. It was 2 months old when it was shipped to me.

But I just printed a new test using brand new high temp resin and a brand new tank.

Still came out looking like crap.

Just got finished with the optics test support asked me to print. All four posts adhered to the bed for a few layers, but then sheared off.

The central block did better, but still looked pretty bad.

Machine just arrived at the weekend, (covered in oil for some reason. Running a simple print in v3 grey to see what I get.

A full month of back and forth with support. No resolution in sight.

I was supposed to be going to a convention in November to sell some of the stuff I have desgined, but I guess I’m going to have nothing to sell.

Once the oil was cleaned off I have been getting excellent results with the grey v3,first time I’ve used this resin and it’s superb, no layer lines even at 100 micron.

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