Failed prints with form 2 and tough resin v1


We got a Form 2 for a week now but we already had quite some failures. I try to mostly print with the default setting from preform but still got failed prints. In fact the prints that did work i manually modified.

I am under the impression that preform uses too few supports. I had 1 print fail because preform only put 1 support under a part. All the other supports came only many layers further so the print failed even before it arrived at these layers.

An other print failed (at least i think so) because there where some supports that where maybe 10cm long without any connection to the other supports. This resulted offcourse in a long spaghetty that failed and i think then my parts failed above this failed support.

Now i am trying to print in tough and both print i tried failed. Even a print that was fine in black resin. BTW i got tough V1.

It’s honestly best to do the supports yourself, you can get better results by changing the placement of supports and you can look for issues like that.

In that print though, it looks like you should be able to place it flat side on the platform and print it vertically without any supports. I’ve done that type of thing successfully. For a cylinder with rings that stick out, if it’s not too important you can taper the ring a little bit so that when it gets to the ring it won’t suddenly have a layer that is significantly bigger than the previous layer. You don’t usually notice that the corner isn’t quite 90 degrees

Ok, so my second print succeeded and i tried a 3de print but now they are all deformed.

The black V2 resin had this issue also slightly but on the V1 tough it’s barely usable!

I don’t think that’s normal, I wonder if the fine-tuning options will help with that type of thing. I’ve printed some cylindrical shapes at an angle and they still come out as a perfect circle.

Not going to be much help here, but thought I’d also share my results as well.

What I’ve found is that the tough material is much more flexible than the regular resin before you cure it. You have noticed that the supports tend to be quite flexible, causing the print to ‘stretch’ with the supports when it peels off.

I’m following your thread because I’ve had the same issue in the past as well with this. I’m wondering if Formlabs can laser those supports longer, causing it to be more fully cured than usual so it’s not so flexible.

Here’s a print I tried to make, causing the same type of warping.

Here’s another print at a different orientation. Also this one is hollow, so it helped somewhat. The less surface area it needs to peel from the better it does.

Right now i have Black V2 and Tough V1.

The black v2 warps a little also but not as much as the tough.

Right now we dont have a curing box yet so what i do is clean 10 min in both alcohol baths, leave it in the sun for half a day and only then i remove the supports.

For me it looks like the part is already warped when it comes out of the printer.

Same here. On mine it happens at the area where the supports are attached to. The tough material seems to stick to the tank more than the other resin, and combined with the fact that it has a little more flex during the peeling is causing it to stretch during the start of the process. And it doesn’t help the supports itself isn’t rigid enough, considering that it’s only connected by small little points on the support… It’s a tough material to get an accurate dimensional quality out of it (no pun intended).

I see what you did there :slight_smile:

Do you have tough V1 or V2?

I believe it was a V1. I don’t have a Form2 so I had this done through a printing service that had a Form2.

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