Factory Reset

I have a Form 3 (early 2019 edition) and Im having difficulty with doing a factory reset. I have followed precisely the instructions from the support page, but I do not get a message on the display saying, Resetting to factory defaults . To be honest, it doesn’t feel like there is a button in the reset hole of the machine.

Good morning @Mgholling ,
Thanks for reaching out about this issue. Notably the reset button should be in the center and I know that if you run a paperclip along the edge, you’ll slide around the edge of the button as it doesn’t fill the whole channel. It’s also fairly deep, especially on the older printers.

If you still can’t locate it please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Support was able to reach out already and said that this was a known issue, with factory resetting problems, so they are having me back date the firmware. I will try that. Thanks for the help though