Extreme delay of Shipment

honestly my question is:
The more you have to wait and because I have not received the drying machine. Do not believe that it is too long and that this should have a compensation or discount for the lack of extreme delay of you to so many customers who ask again and again how much more you have to wait without even giving an objective answer and also see how they are still announcing and giving delivery time that we already know is not real. If in truth they are a serious company they have to give a discount because this already goes from a simple delay

Until FL comes out of the mindset of a small business or startup, this will not improve. They are big enough now they need to start operating as a larger company.
-Find a reliable high-volume resin and parts supplier.
-This will lower their cost which can be passed down to the customers and lead us to more buying and more
motivation for prospective buyers.
-Forum support interaction is great, but when it comes to complaints like these, they are nowhere to be found.

Selectively avoiding forum threads related to fulfillment delays certainly isn’t what we’re going for and I’ve been active and a few related Form Wash and Cure threads. We’re disappointed by the fulfillment delays as well and as we continue to grow, we’re focusing on improving fulfillment estimates as to set more reliable expectations.

@Elizabeth_Delga Form Cure units are actively shipping and we’re expecting the backlog to be cleared in the coming weeks depending on where you fall in the order queue. Thanks for being patient, and we’re working to improve our fulfillment process for future products to avoid delays like these.

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