Expend the flat base outer area / cone shape for the support at the base / slower peeling process for large print / export model with support

In my last print (big_head03_05.jpg) I lost one ear  because the support broke during the peeling.

that support was located at the edge of the base and on the peeling side.

Maybe a way to scale the flat base a little larger and have the bottom of the support with a cone setting to have a stronger hold to the base would be nice. I could have print it with bigger support but all the rest of the print came out good.

Mainly the issue comes from the peeling process which tend to not be smooth on a larger print. ( maybe a setting for letting the resin flow down an extra 1 or 2 seconds would not be a bad idea too or even a double peeling pass. ( would increase the print time but if help the resin to flow better in the tank maybe it worth it. ( on the weap02.jpg I printed the 3 pieces together but the 3rd one have a huge gap since the resin didn’t manage to flow down enough ( the print in the middle have a little issue too )

A way to export the model with the support created could be an easy way for people to add/rework the support.



I would also like the feature to export the STL model with the generated supports.  That would let me remove ill placed supports and prevent having to do most of the tedious process in blender.

William and Julien,

I just published a small command line utility to extract the Geometries with supports from the form files

(see http://wp.me/p3gI7M-90)

It’s compatible with multiple objects, but as I explain in my post, the STL are stored without rotation and scale that are applied by preform on the fly.

I’ll take any feedback!

I’m more familiar with low level programming, so if anyone is interested to build a GUI on top feel free to contact me.