Error Code 838-unrecognized firmware please contact FormLabs Customer support

Form2 unit indicated that a new version of firmware was available and needed to be uploaded. I installed but had issues connecting. When I checked on the Firmware version, FormLab 2 unit communicated that Error Code 838 unrecognized firmware - please contact FormLabs customer support. Instead I re-loaded earlier version of Firmware to remove the issue. The Firmware version providing the error code was labeled as rc-1.19.16-333(21 May 2020), is this a firmware that would contain a virus/bug? Current firmware version install without bug is rc-1.19.15-220 (14 Mar 2020).

I am having the same issue with the same firmware version as well. Where did you find the previous version that works?

I had downloaded the earlier firmware to my laptop from FormLabs website - here is a link-

I got the same message yesterday in Preform just after I uploaded the firmware on a Form3, but this morning the new firmware is recognised.