Error 9001

I am trying to print, but when it starts sending the print to the printer, I get a message telling me Error code 9001.

Please can you advise on what this means?


If I recall correctly, another user ran into this (@3DTOPO ?) and it was determined it probably was an out of memory error. If you save the .form file…how big is it?

I’ve seen this once or twice and it’s been from a lack of internal memory. Go to Settings -> Storage and clear the internal memory. If you have files that you need saved, you can remove older files manually. Let me know if that fixes it for you!

It’s over 9000!!!

(also, I’d recommend following @Frew’s suggestion)

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I guess it would be useful to have an online table of what these error codes mean…

I’m now getting the same error with no models loaded into the Form 2.

…That being said, it’s also not showing that I have my cartridge or tank installed, and both are. As well as a NaN error for the temperature. Currently have a support ticket submitted for a display issue which has (temporarily?) alleviated itself.

That’s an odd error to have if there aren’t any models loaded onto your machine. Error 9001 is named as such because it’s usually from the printer running out of internal storage. Can you try clearing your internal memory by going Settings -> Storage -> Delete All Prints?

I did in fact try that, but didn’t have anything change (seemingly). It’s worth noting that this was after a factory reset and I’d expect that to remove any models (and in fact the Form 2 showed zero jobs uploaded).

Still confused about the cartridge, tank, and NaN error. Specifically that last one because NaN seems pretty low-level of an error.

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