Error 41. Any legacy preform/firmware downloads?

I’ve recently gotten Error 41 on my prints. The first time it happened was half way through a print, but after that it has failed during layer one. I’ve raised a support ticket and read the Error 41 posts on this forum. One potential solution was to downgrade the firmware and I’ve used a couple of links but they’ve failed to install. Is there a page with all the legacy versions of preform and firmware? Is there a guide to downgrading the firmware anywhere?
My firmware version is rc-1.8.9-27 and my preform is 2.7.1

Just to chime in, we don’t recommend downgrading to fix error 41 anymore. That was a sort of intermediary fix until we could push a more permanent solution. Sounds like you’re in touch with support and here’s to hoping the team can quickly get this fixed for you!

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