Erroneous "Open Vent and Check Build Platform Message

Hello When starting a new print I get the following 2 error messages:
“Open cartridge vent”
Check build platform"

I printed one 15 ml print last night with new Clear cartridge and new rising tank. When I attempt to print today the two messages occur with every print attempt.

I;m also worried that the from button is stuck in the inner position. Because the printer is relatively new I don’t know if the button is a plunger type button that should be pushable, or if it is flat to the ring light and only buttons on the LED panel should be pushed. If the button should be pushable then it is STUCK?

I’ve also uploaded diagnostics in an attempt to get more support. “OrganicMallard” is the serial number.

The button should be pushable. It’s normal position is flush with the ring light, but it should depress a few mm when pushed and then spring back.

The button is flush with its casing in its default position and it recesses a few millimeters when pushed.

The messages you are getting are not error messages, they are reminders. Before each print starts you have to press the button (meaning you can’t remotely start a print), which then reminds you to open the cartridge vent and check that the build platform is in place, as those are two things the printer can’t know itself and it will start without the build platform if none is mounted.

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