Enhancement request for open mode

I have a Form 2, and I have run out of some resin, and left some empty cartridges. We are using original factory resin, but we also using some 3rd party resin in the open mode. Because it’s some inconvenient in open mode. So, I hope it can be some Enhancement in formware of the future version.

In the current open mode, the feedstock process is manual and the cover should be opened and the print is interrupted. The empty cartridges will create the waste, and in fact, many user want to reuse it in open mode.

So, I asking for a feedstock button in open mode, and the user can refill the empty cartridges with 3rd party resin, then we can execute feedstock process manually but without opening the cover and interrupting the print.

Of course, the option for automatic process in openmode is more inspiring!!!

I believe all the user love to see the function and feature in the openmode can be as good as the original mode. However, as far as it goes, the openmode is less than satisfactory: The openmode is not open enough, it may called “close mode”:joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • If FL can provide the cartridges for 3rd party resin, and the user can named the cartridges by the preform could be fascinating.