Asking for feedstock button in Open mode

I have a Form 2, and I have run out of some resin, and left some empty cartridges. We are using original factory resin, but we also using some 3rd party resin in the open mode. Because it’s some inconvenient in open mode. So, I hope it can be some new feature in formware of the future version.

In the current open mode, the feedstock process is manual and the cover should be opened and the print is interrupted. The empty cartridges will create the waste, and i want to reuse it in open mode.

So, I asking for a feedstock button in open mode, and the user can refill the empty cartridges with 3rd party resin, then we can execute feedstock process manually but without opening the cover and interrupting the print. Of course, the option for automatic process in openmode is more inspiring!!!


There are a few challenges that prevent us from enabling automatic cartridge dispense in Open Mode. The actual dispensing of resin is based on viscosity which will vary with 3rd party materials. The detection of tank level is based on capacitance which we likewise can’t accurately predict with 3rd party resins. Issues with either can lead to failed prints or at worst spills, which is why manual refilling in Open Mode tends to be the safest option.

Edit: Looks like I missed the manual dispense idea. This should be possible but we tend to err away from recommending that users re-fill cartridges. The bite valves that dispense resin have a finite lifespan and can fail with continuous use. I’ll forward this to our software team so that we can look into it.

Yeah perhaps a disclaimer on the button press so the user is responsible of having reused the rubber valve… Or may be we can use Form2 flex resin to print more valves :stuck_out_tongue:

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