Engine build platform micro block on print

Hi all.
I have this problem (I do not know if it is really a problem).
During the ascent/descent of the build platform during print i have a “micro blocks”?

It also happens to you?

Hi just update to last firmware.

Thanks all

Sorry but it is unclear to me what you are describing

I try to describe it better.

When the form2 print a layer the build platform up and down.
Sometimes when down the build platform it seems to block for less than a second.

It’s a problem or it’s correct?

I hope I explained :wink:

Are you saying your platform does not move smoothly? If so this isn’t ideal but shouldn’t affect your print quality as the platform is not moving during printing or peeling.

May be worth Submitting a ticket to FL Support.

That’s pretty normal.

I have the same issue with the wiper and especially with the X-axis. There is no noticeable smooth start-stop(PID) for the stepper motors which makes the movements sound ugly. Sometimes during a move, all axis can suddenly stall and continue again.

Thanks @fantasy2!

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