Elastic resin V1 and resin not filling the tray


Has anyone here encountered a problem of Elastic resin failing to print on the Form 3B before?
I find it odd because other resins are printing successfully.

The second problem is that the machine has stopped filling up resin on the tank automatically.

Please help

Hello @Luke2016,
It sounds like you’re having trouble with a specific resin, and our Support team would be glad to help with the details of troubleshooting. If you can use the link to open a case, and send along pictures of the failure, that would be best.

From my experience, the engineering resins, especially the Elastic, are too soft if you want to print small features. Your print may be too weak to withstand the weight. Again, this is what happened to my prints, but it depends on the geometry. Feel free to post some pictures to discuss the problem :slight_smile:

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