I got problems when I try to print with elastic 50A resin on form 3

  1. I changed the tank and poured resin manually after that also it showed filling the tank several hours
  2. it got problems with resin sensing, the resin in the tank and and cartridge was full then also the print job didn’t started.
  3. after uploading a file when we try to start printing, it shows to open pinch valve when it was already open
  4. on the screen it was showing layer 1 printing but the print was not started.

Hi @mohsinahmed1112,

Thanks for reaching out - I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve encountered with your Form 3. The best way to narrow this down will be to get in touch with our Support Team. Filling the tank should not take several hours, so double checking the resin flow from your cartridge bite valve would be a good first step. The resin should flow in a small, steady stream when pushing on the bite valve manually while wearing gloves.