Editing supports

After using auto generate function. I always have to go in and edit the unsupported areas. Shades of red have always showed up, but in the last one red lines also showed. Why did they show up differently this time? The print also turned out funky. It had heavy diagonal lines printed on it. These aren’t on the computer model, only horizontal lines are designed on it. I contacted the person who designed the model to check if there is anything funky on his computer with it. Also there have always been errors, but the Preform has aways fixed them. Will be doing another test print, but wanted some imput before going ahead


Those are two very different things. The lighter shades of red are either badly / unsupported areas, while the darker ones are for unsupported minimas.

As for the issue with the streaking, this link will hopefully give you the answers you need :

Thanks. Perfect link, i sent it to my friend. After reading that link i wonder if the lighter reds have something to do with it.

Also, consider if you might want to split some of the detail pieces off so that you can orient them in a way to get nicer results on them.

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