Easy? Cleaning of the build platform

If you are like me, you dread having to clean the build platform, especially if you print directly on the build platform (no raft). All of those little pads can be a royal PITA especially when using Rigid resin. I have tried many things, sharpening the putty knives and even heat. I decided that there had to be better ways to scrape those pesky pads off of the build platform, So, Prime to the rescue. LOL Seriously, since my stroke, I can’t just hop in the truck and hit the hardware stores, Just think how much fuel that I’m saving. I ordered several different tools that I thought may make this job easier, The first one that I tried worked exceptionally well.

Granted this print was with white resin since I can’t get an LT tray for Rigid until January.:unamused: I took no more than 10 seconds to obtain a perfectly clean and smooth platform. It is a Teflon coated painter’s tool and it’s about $7. I clamp the build platform in my bench vise, stand up out of my w/c and scrape away. I don’t guarantee that your results will match mine, but for 7 bucks, what the heck? And no, I’m not a shill for Amazon, Being an avid reader, I asked who would buy a book on-line? And I live in the Seattle area, oh well!
Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L2QYLPQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Have you tried putting the platform in the freezer for 10-15min prior to removing material from it? It seems to do the trick for me. I don’t print that much without the raft but would assume it would work the same.

Haha, i have one of those but was afraid to scratch the build plate. Currently using a Martha Stewart spatula…also spray liberally with alcohol. I think mine is in the shed, its freezing outside…i may just have to order a new one to avoid walking out in the cold! Thanks Scamp!

ADS, I found the putty knife was more inclined to scratch, mostly due to the difficulty and force required. I get the trip issue, if you’re Prime $7 is more than a bargain not to be trudging through snow.

Devin, I keep way too much home made smoked brisket, butt and bacon in our freezer to even consider placing a build platform with uncured resin in there. I’m also pretty sure that my wife (49 years) would approve. however, I do have a CO2 siphon tank in the garage, I suspect that a shot of liquid CO2 may work. I’ll give it a shot when FL finally starts delivering LT tanks again.

Make that would not approve!

I put my platform in a vice, use the scrapper it comes with, wedge it under the part, and use a hammer. Works great.

I tried freeze spray and it didn’t help at all. I’m starting to suspect that the reason putting the platform in the freezer may help, is that the coefficient of thermal expansion of the aluminum is enough different from the resins that it helps break the bond. I think that I’ll find a container that I can sacrifice for freezer use and give it a try.

The Freezer for 10-15 works, I agree with the reason with, different materials equal different expansion and contraction rates. However I have also found it makes some resins (Grey) a little more brittle it you are having to use force to remove. Tend to shatter when still cold. I use a can of air upside down to achieve similar results, but adds to the cost and also makes resin brittle. Basically I use a block of resin (failed part) that matches the part on build platform, makes for even distribution of force. Place on side parallel to build platform and give it a sharp rap with a plastic hammer, Producing a shearing force. Works most of the time, however sometimes I crack the part. I also try using a combination of the freezer and the shearing block. I have also found that it is better to try removal immediately after removing from alcohol bath. If allowed to dry I have the most failures.

What helped me with the tough resin was to adjust the “Z” offset up a little. Maybe try that.

I agree. I’ve had no problems removing either the pads or the raft as long as I’ve done it soon after the wash was complete. I give it 15 minutes or so to let the IPA finish dripping off, then put the platform in the vise and scrape it off while holding the model as I don’t want it to fall and break. Then the model goes into the cure chamber.

Try warming it up? The resin should soften around 180-200F might be enough to be able to pop the pieces off.

Tried it, even a butane torch didn’t help much. Best solution so far is to clean the platform soon after the wash cycle is complete. As far as I’m concerned, my search is over.

After trying many different methods, my conclusion is that the “best” way to easily clean the BP is to use the painter’s scraper (see post above) as soon as your model is finished in the wash. That is my current go-to method,

I just processed a Black V4 print and most of the supports are still attached to the model. Many of the support pads remained on the BP, but popped off easily with the scraper, BTW, I generally print without a raft, it saves resin & time and I find it easier to remove the pads from the BP than the raft which never comes off in one piece, in my experience,